Our Mission & Vision

The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts fuels progress toward gender equity by funding the most promising solutions, collaborating with results-oriented partners, and by elevating the collective power of local women to take charge, and to lead with purpose.

By advancing women's leadership, we will make western Massachusetts a national leader for gender equity where we all have the power to prosper economically, live a safe and healthy life, and thrive.

Our Work Is Informed by These Values

The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts strives to create a climate of economic empowerment.

In our society, gender powerfully affects experience and opportunity. We believe that investing in strategic collaborations on behalf of women is the most powerful way to build a sustainable movement for gender equity.

Strategic Grants

Application Process

  1. Letters of Intent (LOI): We are requesting a LOI for all grant applications. The LOI should outline what you intend to do, how it will be measured, and how much money you need to do the work. An LOI, submitted on the form provided below, is required to be considered for a grant. Final deadline to submit an LOI will be Friday, January 6, 2017 at 5PM.
  2. Full Grant Applications: A select number of applicants will then be invited by, Friday, February 17, 2017, to submit a full grant application. Full applications will be due by Friday March 31, 2017 at 5PM.

Download the LOI

Available funds

Up to $80,000 will be awarded each year of the FY17-FY19 grant period, for a total of $240,000. There is no set award size, however, funding requests should not exceed $80,000 per year for the 3-year grant period. Project budgets should reflect the scope of the proposal. Please note, maximum size of past awards was $20,000 per year, for three years.

Survivor Recovery Fund

This is a donor-advised fund dedicated to promoting the recovery of survivors to partner abuse and sexual assault. Apply Now

Women's March on Washington - Massachusetts Chapter Fund

This is a donor-advised fund dedicated to helping the January 21, 2017 event represent the diversity of Massachusetts. Through partnership building with community organizations, advisors are identifying women and allies who need financial support to be able to participate in the January 21, 2017 historic event. Apply Now.

Please read more about the event and statewide organizers.