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What is a Ripple Effect Award?

Launched in 2005, the Ripple Effect Awards recognize individual women and girls among our grantee partners who are making a difference in their communities and making the most of their opportunities.

With every gift given—of time, wisdom, and funds—a ripple effect begins and expands. The ripple widens as the Women's Fund invests in women- and girl-centered programs throughout the region. The individual women and girls whose

lives improve create, in their turn, an impact on their community. As a result, entire communities are enriched, and countless lives are changed.

The honorees listed here represent our progress toward a shared goal—a world in which the voices and visions of all women and girls are fully valued and embraced.

Meet our 2013 Ripple Effect Award Recipients

Shannon Gustafson
Community Action Family

Learning Center
Franklin County


Kaja Wright
Elizabeth Freeman Center
Berkshire County


Veronica Johnston
Multicultural BRIDGE
Berkshire County

Mary Steele
Treehouse Foundation
Hampshire County
Vilma Vazquez
Neighbor to Neighbor
Hampden County

Past Ripple Effect Award Recipients


Lauren Payne-Riley— Railroad Street Youth Project

Nikita Perez — NEARI Jump-Start


Analiz Garcia —Girls Inc. of Holyoke

Savannah Mariont—Girls Inc. of the Berkshires

Erica Nason—Step Forward/Step Ahead

Arlene Sanchez—HAP Housing

Lisa Cole—Community Action

Roxanne Roman—Care Center


Marianne Bullock—MotherWoman

Bessie Jones—MotherWoman


Champagne Eurquhart—Girls Inc. of the Berkshires
Moana Rawlins—Voices from Inside
Talya Taliferro—Youth Alive

Yasmin Ahmed— New WORLD Theater
Julianna Brunnell—Helen Berube Teen Parent Program
Rachel Chandler-Worth—CISA
Rachel Farber—Youth Action Coalition
Amy Holmes—Voices From Inside
Chantal Johnson—Helen Berube Teen Parent Program
Robin Lane—Montague Catholic Social Ministries
Diana Nunez—United Arc of Franklin & Hampshire Counties
Dalein Rivera—Solutions CDC
Jessica Scott—Step Forward/Step Ahead (Elms College)
Linny Son—Girls Inc. of Holyoke
Laura Stranlund—Veterans Education Project

Jihan Ali—Step Forward/Step Ahead (Elms College)
Laura Farron—Girls Inc. of the Berkshires
Lindy-Ann Marcel—Flying Cloud Institute
Khonari Mor—Girls Inc. of Holyoke
Sandra Rivera—Solutions CDC

Misty Corio—Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center
Rachel Jackson—Youth Action Coalition
Ashley Laramie—FCAC Youth Programs
Lysette Navarro—Voices From Inside
Emily Owens—Youth Action Coalition
Vonetta Smith—Step Forward/Step Ahead (Elms College)
Morgan Taggart-Hampton—Youth Action Coalition